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 Clinical Services 

Dr. Stiritz has expertise in utilizing evidence based therapeutic interventions such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, as well as insight–oriented Psychodynamic Therapy, Family Therapy, and Couples Therapy including Discernment Therapy. 

Dr. Stiritz works closely with psychiatrists, internists, pediatricians, teachers, occupational and speech and language therapists to coordinate a comprehensive treatment plan whenever necessary. 


Psychological Treatment  

Dr. Stiritz offers both short and long term psychotherapy to individuals of all ages with a wide range of issues including:


Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Mood Disorders, Bipolar Illness, Adjustment Disorders, Eating, Disorders, Substance Abuse

PTSD, Grief, Bereavement and Loss, Learning Disabilities, Social Skill Deficits, Adolescent Turmoil, Life transitions associated with divorce, remarriage, loss, Adjustments to college/work and Chronic medical conditions. 




Dr. Stiritz engages parents in the treatment process to help support their child’s development. She provides education to increase an understanding of developmental stages, and specific needs in: 

  • Understand/manage developmental changes of their children 

  • Improve communication between parents and children and strengthen the parent/child relationship 

  • Diffuse and work through conflicts in the family to improve the well-being of individuals and to strengthen the family unit as a whole 

  • Establish/maintain boundaries, rewards, and consequences including management of technology in the home 


Co-Parenting Treatment

Co-Parenting Guidance and Coordination is provided for families of divorce and/or remarriage. Such treatment is provided at various stages (before, during, after divorce) of family transition to assist parents in coordinating their parenting, making decisions in the best interests of their children, and supporting their children during difficult family restructuring.


Dr. Stiritz has extensive experience working with high conflict couples to enable them to develop skills necessary to developing a collaborative and cooperative co-parenting relationship which benefits the childrens’ needs. 

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Couples Treatment

Discernment Therapy is provided for couples “on the brink” who are contemplating divorce. DT is a short-term therapy that enables the couple to determine if their relationship is salvageable, as well as what role each spouse played in contributing to the problems in the relationship.


DT which usually runs 1-5 sessions, focuses on helping the couple choose one of three paths: ending the relationship via separation or divorce, agreeing to a 6-month period of time for an all-out concerted effort in couples therapy to preserve the relationship, or postponing a decision and staying the course. 

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